Our signature style- Newlife Photography, Sydney newborn photography

This is one of the studios classic signature images that captures the timeless Newlife style. We are proud to say that we have photographed Josie (above) and her two siblings as babies as well as their 3 cousins (including the ever delightful Piper). They also belong to this classic family portrait below. "Galia, now that our kids are getting older, we realize how truly important these photos are to our family. Our babies are only babies so fleetingly, and you captured that beauty and spirit. Thank you also for making it all so calm when we really had no idea what to do with a screaming, pooing, weeing baby! The photos take pride of place on our wall and everyone who comes through tries to guess which kid is which. Everyone loves the feet photo, but not as much as we do!" Anna Featherstone I look forward to seeing how her babies have grown when I take my children to stay on their child friendly farm soon:Country Roads www.newlifephotography.com