self Paced online workshops

Looking for a bit of creative inspiration to kick start or reinvigorate your creative practice? Here you will find a variety of mixed media online art workshops, all self-paced so you can access them almost straight away (usually with in 24 hours).

Of the Heart online art workshop

Of the heart-$80

This is a mixed media workshop, a love letter from the heart and soul and will touch on many different techniques. It is also going to be a treasured keepsake, making a special book to gift, with writing prompts, poetry, and lots and lots of ideas about what to include...

Handless Maiden painting workshop

The Handless Maiden- Mini Workshop- $35

In archetypal psychology each character in the story is considered a different aspect of self, of the psyche ... In this art piece we explore the fairy tale layering meaning into our work. This is an up close demo of how I work.

mixed media art journaling e-course

Calling in the Elements- $45

In this class we will be Calling in the Elements to deepen our connection with both our artistic practice, the elements and ourselves. Through some intentional sacred journaling we will be accessing a deeper level of consciousness and bringing some of our personal symbolism to the fore...


Archetype Play- Mini Workshop $25

In this lesson we will use our journals as a way to explore and dive deep with an archetype. I'll be sharing how I use my journal exploration to dialogue with an archetype and how that may lead to another artwork.

21_Secrets_galiaalena thumb.jpg

Fractured Portraits- Mini Workshop $25

In this workshop we will be playing with the fragmented nature of our identity through photography, collage, writing and painting in our journals, exploring, pulling apart and piecing back together in order to collected bits of ourselves for integration as Self.


Angels in my Studio- Mini Workshop $25

In this lesson we create an intuitive mixed media art journal spread honouring the angels in their different forms. I will be guiding us through a sacred journaling exercise which will allow the angels to come in and interact with us in whatever way they feel the need to...

Mythos art journaling workshop

Claiming your mythos- mini workshop-$25

The stories we tell ourselves, are very powerful in shaping both our lives and how we see ourselves. Every memory we have is the memory of a memory remembered- in other words a retelling in someway of the reality. How are your stories retold in your memory?...

journal as opening art workshop

Spectrum- mini Workshop- $25

This is how I work, holding space, holding an opening, holding questions- all of it loosely, all of it receptively, all of it with a degree of "wise effort"- watching and listening, observing and responding.  This is the dance I share here as I create this journal page, listening to the messages, and practicing showing up...