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Spirit Drum

These readings have all the magic of my other readings (see here) with the added alchemy of journey work*.  They are an exquisite dive beyond the veil.
These readings involve the creation of sacred space, intention setting, casting of your cards and then my spirit drum and I will journey with your cards and the query you have made. While I'm still in the liminal state I will record a recap of the journey, any messages given and read the cards, as per "usual" with the added depth of the journey.

You will receive a pdf and an audio containing the reading. As well as an opportunity to clarify any further questions in a follow up email. These readings require extra time and space to set the stage explore the realms for you so may take up to a week to be returned to you.

Please Note: these readings are currently paused until March 2018 due to travel.
Any orders received will be delivered in March

NB- After purchasing one of these readings you will be returned to a form page on my site where you can ask any question or query you have. Your question can be as simple and open as "What do I need to know at this time?"

* Journey work is part of shamanic practice, an earth based spirituality which goes back to Paleolithic times and appears through out mankind's history in one form or another in most cultures. It is an animistic practice, honouring pacha mama and the holy trinity of animal guides, plant spirits and stone tribes. Journey work involves traveling out in a deep meditative state, or trance state, to receive guidance and wisdom.