Working with Tarot

“It’s said that the shuffling of the cards is the earth, and the pattering of the cards is the rain, and the beating of the cards is the wind, and the pointing of the cards is the fire. That’s of the four suits. But the Greater Trumps, it’s said, are the meaning of all process and the measure of the everlasting dance.”
Charles Williams

The tarot cards are such a wonderful mirror for our own path, helping and guiding us to access our own knowledge and inner wisdom.

For me, tarot is not about fortune telling or prescriptive behaviour but is an intersection,  a dialogue between story telling, the conscious collective, mythology, images and symbols and our innate wisdom (all of which I love). It is about helping you access what you already know, helping you to dig deep with your own wisdom. It does not offer the future but rather is a bridge to the possibilities, a meeting place for clarity and insight and a portal to the psyche.

The tarot is pure magic, grounded magic that gently mirrors your own magic and guides you on your path.

My readings are highly intuitive and designed to mirror what you already know, to validate your own truths and wisdom. Tarot is ever evolving and I love the conversation among the cards, intuiting what wants to be said for and to you. We work with the cards archetypes and symbolism of the Fool's journey to see what you need to know for your own journey. The reading will give you much to ponder about your question or situation in order to understand what needs releasing, what needs strengthening, what lies beneath and to ultimately give you some clarity and clear some energy blocks. You may find that you are offered questions in place of an answer, but with questions comes an opening, possibilities, something to live into on your journey.

Tarot helps you know what is already written on your bones.

Thank you for your brilliant wisdom, insights, support, grace & love. You are such a gentle healer and guide! I’m so happy I found you and love feeling your support. Thank you Galia!!!
— Brooke Conner Sevenau

Readings on Offer:


3 Card Moon Readings- $45

I am offering a handful of mini readings, three card throws, each full or new mOOn. These readings dive into the energy of that moon to see what needs illuminating and releasing at either the new moon or the full moon, harnessing the energy around the moon cycle.


Monthly Luna Tarot

These are the mOOn readings (read above for more details) delivered to you each moon to guide you on your journey.

Sign up for 12 months (discounted price- $460)

Monthly payment (unsubscribe at anytime)


Chakra Readings- $75

Chakra Reading- for aligning the energy in your life through an exploration of ways to unblock or strengthen the chakras. A card is drawn for each of the seven chakras to see what wants to be known for each as well as how they want to relate and align with each other.

Journey Tarot Reading

Journey Reading- $75

Journey Reading- this reading is for checking in with where you are on your journey, where you've been, what needs to be integrated and transformed as well as providing guidance and wisdom for the path ahead.


Crossroads Readings- $75

Crossroads- this reading is useful when you are standing at a crossroads in you life, a choice and would like to explore both options. The reading will explore both choices looking at the implications and any hidden energies of each path allowing you to feel into your own intution.

How it works: Once you've booked a session you will be redirected to a form page where you can ask me your question, or leave it open.

I then sit with your question, your guides and spirits and the cards and after a cleansing ritual and prayer, I will throw your cards and intuit what you need to know from them. It is more than just a reading, it is a space holding for you. You will then receive a pdf exploring your cards and what they mean for you, including a photo of the spread, and what they want to tell you, an audio of your reading and some questions to ponder or journal on designed to help you do the work and go deep with the cards and their messages for you. It will also include anything else which comes up for me during the reading. More often than not this includes a ritual for you to perform, as well as some support from the Holy Trinity- animal, plant, stone. The readings are usually back to you within a few days (unless you have asked for a new moon or full moon reading). I love to hold space around the question and the reading and often find that insights come to me in my dreams after the reading (you may receive a follow up email).

Readings are sent out in the form of an audio of the reading and a pdf with a photo of your spread.


NB. After payment you should be redirected to a page with a form to fill out for me for the reading. Make sure you stayed tuned for that.

And the Magic...

The reading was lovely in every sense of the word––from recording my reading in the garden through to the confirmation of my life in the moment––perfect. The written pages were beautiful and gave me a clear record of the card spread and the underlying energy. And the journaling prompts had the unexpected effect of immediately creating space and time for contemplation. There is something graciously powerful about your reading that had me resting into it in an ease filled way––receptive and open. It was a beautiful and pleasurable experience. Love Philippa
— Philippa Rowlands, Beautiful Business
Thank you so much for the beautiful, inspired and breath-taking reading. Your insight and interpretation of the spread was powerful, cohesive, and quite amazing. What you provided me with is really a road map and a few tools to use the reading to help me process and move through transitions I’m in the middle of. So much more than I was expecting‼️ Your beauty and light help make the information readable, understandable and so useful. A beautiful offering and one that has the potential to benefit many.
— Vicki O'Connor
I kept reading and re-reading your reading for me and every card revealed exactly yet unknown to me something that I needed to work on. It shifted a lot of buried feelings that I had hidden and did not realize. Thank you for the reading and helping me to release and redirect my life and thought process.
— Gary
I experienced Galia’s amazing gifts in a tarot reading, and it proved to be a very powerful experience for me. She connected profoundly with my question, and from each card that she drew she then gave me powerful and deep insights and clarity. It felt like I had received the right dose of medicine for my soul. It was a dose that felt incredibly healing. I already feel greater ease settling in with a renewed sense of direction. Everything that she shared with me felt so right, so true... and I have to say it again... so powerful. I am now able to see the light that’s there shining on my path, one that had felt so dim during this time of challenge, change and transformation in my life. I highly recommend Galia’s services to you. It certainly was a wonderful experience for me.
— Suzanne McRea
What can I say. Your reading blew me away. It was beautiful, empathetic to my circumstances and highly intuitive. We met briefly in person last year and even before that I knew I was drawn to your artistic and creative symbolic & archetypal art. So once I saw you offering a tarot reading I knew you were someone that I wanted to work with... What really blew me away was the synchronicity, serendipity and intuitive nature of your reading. I trusted you to chose the appropriate reading - your Chakra Reading. And having seen it I have no doubt that if I had chosen your Journey Reading it would have been equally fantastic. The thing that blew my mind was the fact that you pulled the “Hierophant” from both decks.... I’m still in trance just thinking about it. The Heirophant is my life path card I’m still blown away that you pulled this card for me... its an unexplained mystery. And it was extremely captivating to see your intuition at work as you looked at the inter-relationship of all the cards you drew for me using your Chakra Journey format. And on top of that the rest of your reading was a combination of magical, useful and practical... with just enough mystery and incentive for me to be eager to engage with the journal exercises and altar suggestions. It was a delight to join you on this journey...
— Caroline Flexman
Galia has a true talent for readings. I had a reading for her recently and after a few weeks I can see the shifts that she talked about. In her reading Galia talked about having a time for rest, this allowed me the space to recharge and be ready for what is now coming up. The journey layout really resonated with me and let me know what I need to do to move forward. Thank you for the clarity I was looking for.
— Laura Walsh