13 Moons- Thank You

Thank you for allowing me to throw the cards for you, it is an honour. Take a moment to center yourself, a few deep breaths and then tell me how I can serve you with this reading, what prayer I can hold for you for 2018 as I create this altar reading and weave the wisdom for you. If you are not sure and it is all just open that is fine too- I hold you always in your highest light my love.
If you booked a DreamStorming Session I will contact you via email, old skool, to organise scheduling our time together.

Please take a moment to complete your order by filling out the form below, thank you.

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Northern Hemisphere will be assumed unless otherwise indicated :)
What intention, hope, prayer would you like me to hold for you for 2017?
Is there anything else about this reading you feel I should know or want me to know. Take a moment and make sure you feel complete with this.

Again thank you, and let's create some magic...