We stand with you #artistsforlove Galia Alena


From Pixie Lighthorse: "Artists For Love is on a mission to create a big wave of solidarity, sending a message of hope and healing to those who are feeling alone, afraid, ostracized, carrying fear about their bodies, health benefits, access to clean water, and their place in this country’s economy.

I believe that there are few things more powerful than a group of love-minded people who have decided to use their platforms collectively to create a strong statement of unwavering indivisibility, what Lincoln referred to as “preserving the Union”. Those of us who may have had an easier time enjoying our rights must step up our game to protect those who are struggling to establish and hold on to theirs. Though many of us have very different concerns and priorities, and may not understand where the other is coming from, we can take the opportunity to honor one another as humans." Pixie Lighthorse

Feel free to print this out and display it at your business or follow the hashtag to find others artworks to use or create your own.